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Our West Hartford location has a complete Auto Interior Center. Back when we began in the 70's customer's wanted us to add SEAT BELTS to their vehicles.....yes millennials there was a time.... and of course in the 70's everyone smoked so frequently we were asked to repair burn holes in the interior. Today if there's anything you want to make the interior of your vehicle better we can help. We can change fabric interior to leather interior. We can add heated seats. Did you maybe forget the sunroof was open during a rainstorm, and now have a moldy musty smell? We've helped that problem.


We also work with a lot of insurance companies to help customers. Things like smoke and water damage don't have to be the end of the road for your favorite ride. We work with local dealerships to help replace broken sunroof glass on most makes and models.


A lot of what we do at this division of Jo-Di's is a rare skill. Our team works with pride and craftsmanship worthy of TV show cars.  If you'd like to special order vintage leather for the 1972 Porsche your rebuilding from the ground up - We can do that. Replacing the convertible top on your classic summer ride we can help!!  


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